Divorce Coaching with Asia Dawn

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Divorce Coaching with Asia Dawn


3 Month Coaching Package for Rose Marvel

5, 50 minute 1:1 sessions (via zoom)

3, 90 minute group sessions (via zoom)

1 in person VIP day in San Diego (attendance optional; transportation not included) 

Unlimited messaging access on Voxer in between sessions. Coach will be available during business hours to provide additional guidance and support, and answer any questions that come up during the coaching program. Coach will respond within 24 hours.

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This agreement, will begin upon acceptance, and will continue for as long as services are procured. The fee for the Coaching Program is payable via www.asiadawn.co. The services to be provided by the coach to the client are coaching sessions done via zoom or phone, as designed jointly with the client. Coaching, which is not advice, therapy or counseling, may address specific personal projects, business successes, or general conditions in the client's life, relationships, or profession. Upon completion of the initial Coaching Program, coaching will convert to a session-by-session basis, or the Coachee may choose to enlist in an additional Coaching Program. 


Program cost is $3,000.

Payment 1: $375 due 2/1/19

Payment 2: $375 due 2/15/19

Payment 3: $375 due 3/1/19

Payment 4: $375 due 3/15/19

Payment 5: $375 due 3/29/19

Payment 6: $375 due 4/12/19

Payment 7: $375 due 4/26/19

Payment 8: $375 due 5/10/19


Refunds in full are permitted before any services are provided. Once any portion of services within a package of services has been provided, no refunds will be permitted. Client is responsible for full payment of fees for the entire Program, regardless of whether Client completes the Program. If Client is unable to use the sessions for any reason, Client understands that fees are non-refundable.