a place of support, guidance, and empowerment for single women heading into the holiday season

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  • Are you single or separated?
  • Would you like guidance and support heading into the holiday season?
  • Do you want to learn how to set boundaries with family members?
  • Are you ready to take care of yourself and learn how to protect your energy?
  • Are you looking for a female support network?
  • Do you want to step into your POWER and handle the holidays with ease and grace?

I know I would have LOVED to have all of these things available to me when I was going through my divorce.

That is why I was inspired to put together this program for YOU! 

RECLAIM your power

RECLAIM is a group coaching program designed to provide support for single women heading into the holidays. If you’ve recently gone through (or are going through) a divorce, or are finding yourself single or separated for the first time in a while, I know how scary and overwhelming that can feel. This program was created to help you overcome your fears and anxieties, and learn how to better take care of yourself, all while heading into the sometimes chaotic holiday season.

RECLAIM is here as a place of support during your transition. Get ready to fully step into your power and not be defined by your relationship status!

My story...

When I was going through my divorce, I kept it a secret from my family for far too long. I skipped family reunions and even lied about my marital status. I was ashamed and confused, and I felt like no one could relate to what I was going through. Heading into the holiday season, I knew I had to come clean. I couldn’t hide from my divorce any longer. It was time to see my extended family face to face......and I was terrified.

I was single and “alone” for the first Thanksgiving and Christmas in 10 years. I had spent a decade celebrating the holidays with the same significant other, and I had forgotten the uncomfortable feelings that creep up when we are single...especially when it feels like everyone else is coupled up and wearing matching pjs together by the fire. (You get my drift.) And while family members can be incredibly supportive, there can also be some major anxiety facing them for the first time with your new relationship status.

What will they say? What questions will they ask? Will they be judging me?

I wondered all these things myself!

I got through the holidays unscathed, and I learned A LOT about this transitional time during the process. (This year, I'm entering this holiday season single and happy!)

RECLAIM will provide you with the tools you need to head into the holidays feeling calm, confident, and supported.

Because you deserve it.

When you enroll, you will receive:

2 comprehensive workbooks ($147 value)

  1. Workbook 1: self-care guide and my top 10 tips, how to protect your energy, breathing exercises, journaling activities, affirmations
  2. Workbook 2: setting boundaries (what are they? why are they important? how can we set them?), typical questions and how to respond (hint - boundaries!), journaling activities, affirmations

2 group coaching calls with me ($200 value)

Guided meditation ($19 value)

Access to a private Facebook community  (priceless!)

**** BONUS: 1 FREE 50 minute one-on-one coaching session with me if you enroll by 11/11! ($195 value) *****


This course is for you if... 

  • You are single or separated and looking for support and guidance this holiday season

  • You want a sacred space to share with other women going through something similar

  • You want tips for self-care, setting boundaries, and how to protect your energy

If you are reading this and feel like you can relate,
then this program is for you!



When does it start?
We start on Tuesday 11/14! You will receive your first workbook on 11/14, and your second workbook on 11/20. The content is yours to keep forever, so you can go through the material at your own pace. The only time sensitive material is the group calls, but if you can't make those, they will be recorded for you.

When are the calls?
The calls will be in the evenings the week of 11/14 and 11/20, pending group availability. If you cannot make a call, the audio will be recorded and shared exclusively with those enrolled in RECLAIM.

How does group coaching work?
Group coaching is a way to connect with others who are on a similar journey. In this supportive environment, you will learn from others while they share and as I coach them. You will also have the opportunity to share and get coached by me on these calls. This is a safe space where all you need to do is show up and be yourself. We will have two 75 minute video calls together on Zoom (no account required) where I will guide the discussion and open it up for stories, sharing, and questions. Group coaching is also an opportunity to work with me at a lower investment. But most importantly, you will realize that you are not alone in this journey, and you will feel incredibly supported. That is my intention for you.

Do you guarantee results?
If you show up, stay committed, and put in the work, I’m confident you will grow from this experience.   


Hello Beautiful,

If you're feeling lost or overwhelmed, I am ready to help. All you need to do is ask. I may not be experiencing exactly what you're going through in this very moment, but I too have been down the path of uncertainty and separation, and I am here for you! We often put unnecessary pressure on ourselves this time of year...parties, family reunions, the cycle of giving and receiving. Please remember to be kind to yourself. Practice self care and find a support group. I would love to guide you in here if you're open to receiving my love and support! xx Asia Dawn


Still have questions? I am here for you!

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