Emotional Aromatherapy Kit Purchase Option


Hi Babe! 

Please read through these instructions carefully!

We are thrilled to offer you this incredible opportunity to get access to both the REAL. RADICAL. SELF LOVE. course and the Zen Babe Chakra Cleanse FREE with the purchase of the essential oils that we use throughout these programs! 

This is only available to you as an option if you don't have a doTERRA account yet.

*Please note: In addition to getting the chakra cleanse free with this option, you will be considered a VIP Zen Babe and get access to our many other programs including: 

*Soulful Clean Eating Guide

*WORTHY: 30 days of emotional healing with oils

*Meditating with Essential Oils 

*Zen Babe Skincare Guide

*Zen Babe Natural Sleep Guide

....and more!

Check out more on the Chakra Cleanse Course here. Just be sure to put in my personal information when you make your essential oils purchase so I can give you access to BOTH courses! More details below.

If you DO NOT yet have a doTERRA account, here are your next steps!



  • Click the button above to place your order 
  •  Choose your country (we ship all over the world) - if you don't see your country please reach out to support and email for assistance. 
  •  Select "wholesale customer" and then hit continue. 
  •  Enter your information. The “Enroller ID” and “Sponsor ID” boxes should already be filled in for you as my name, "Asia Simonelli". If not you can either type my name in to have it pop up or enter 6033957 in both boxes and the name should come up as “Asia Simonelli”.  
  •  Enter your contact and shipping information. 
  •  Select the Emotional Aromatherapy Kit ($195 wholesale price) at a minimum to qualify for my course! Note: Wild Orange is free in the US and Canada for the month of July.  It will automatically add to your cart!


  • Click the "proceed to checkout button" and enter your payment information and review your contact information. 
  •  Hit process order and continue. 
  •  Congratulations! You've just placed your 1st order, are officially a VIP Zen Babe and are halfway done to getting FREE access to REAL. RADICAL. SELF LOVE. and the Zen Babe Chakra Cleanse.

STEP 2:  Setup your 2nd order for the following month. 

  •  You will choose "create a Loyalty Rewards Order" that has popped up on your screen after you placed your order. 
  •  Choose a date for the following month. I recommend sometime between August 1-5.
  •  Add a 100+pv order using oils and supplements from the chakra course (see list and images below)  
  • Tip: Have all of these oils delivered to you before August 11th.
  • Hit "save order" to process on the date that you choose. (The order will process on its own on that date). 
  • You're done! You will receive an email within 48 hours for next steps for access to both courses. CONGRATULATIONS!! 

STEP 3: Once your Loyalty Rewards Program order is setup, please reach out to me. You will be added to the Zen Babe Facebook group!


In summary, to qualify for both free courses:

1. Purchase the Emotional Aromatherapy Kit (using Asia Simonelli as your doTERRA consultant)
2. Set up your LRP order for August and make a qualifying 100+ PV purchase of your choice!

We recommend have the following oils and supplements ready to go in order to fully benefit from the chakra course (see photos below): 

Lifelong Vitality Pack Supplements

Sandalwood and/or Frankincense

Breathe Blend

Balance Blend and/or Console Blend

Wild Orange and/or Passion Blend

Bergamot and/or DigestZen and/or Motivate Blend

Rose and/or Forgive Blend

Lavender and/or Cheer

Clary Sage and/or Peace


Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 7.06.35 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 7.13.57 PM.png


Still have questions? I am here for you!

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