• Are you ready to inspire others by doing what inspires you?
  • Are you ready to be heard?
  • Are you ready to take your spiritual practice to another level?
  • Are you ready to launch your own business?
  • Are you ready for life changing personal development?


Yes? Awesome! That was me one year ago, and I haven't looked back since. This is a groundbreaking course and there isn't another one out there like it!

Allow me to share my story...


Gabby's SJMC Brought About Huge Changes In My Life... 

I started working with Gabby exactly 1 year ago. 1 year ago, I took a leap of faith and signed up for the Spirit Junkie Masterclass.

I had just gotten back from nearly one year of backpacking solo abroad, healing after my divorce, and searching for answers. It was on that trip that I found Gabby Bernstein. I downloaded "The Universe Has Your Back" and read it on my Kindle from a hammock in Nicaragua. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do next, but I knew it didn't involve going back to the corporate world. I was ready to work for myself and do things on my own terms. I just didn't know exactly what that looked like yet.

INSERT GABBY BERNSTEIN spirit junkie masterclass.

I returned to the United States and was already well into Gabby's teachings at this point. I did a ton of Google searching and was so curious about this woman and her community. Influencers that I followed on social media started talking about this "masterclass" and I was intrigued. Once I saw Gabby's sales page, I just knew I had to get in.

At the very least, I knew I would grow on a personal level from putting in the deep work.

I actually ended up walking away with much more...

Signing up for SJMC was one of the best decisions and investments I've ever made.

 I'm living in my dream location, Mexico City. I work for myself and run my women's empowerment coaching business online. I host retreats. I have a project based job where I get paid to travel around Latin America. I write for a publishing company. I'm writing my own book. I am in a completely different space than I was before I picked up my first Gabby book in Nicaragua in 2017.

Alumni have gone on to publish books, lead life-changing TED Talks, grow 6- and 7-figure businesses, transition their careers and turn their missions into movements!

The transformations are truly radical.

What do you want your transformation to look like? 

Now it's your turn to call it in!

The Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital is an 8-module online course that helps you gain the confidence and business-building tools you need to live your highest purpose, make an impact and earn for your great work.

If you’ve been thinking about, talking about and meditating on your life dream and big business vision but you’ve been holding back or playing small, the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital Course is for you.

The Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital Course helps you turn your ideas into a plan you can act on right away. Here’s what you can expect:

Module One: How to Step into your Purpose

Module Two: Release Fear and Clear the Path

Module Three: Tap into Your Greatest Source of Power

Module Four: How to Hold Space

Module Five: How to Make Money for your Great Work

Module Six: Soulful Marketing and Manifesting Media for your Message

Module Seven: Bring Your Stories to Life as an Author & Public Speaker

Module Eight: How to Turn Your Vision into a Reality

In Addition to the 8 Modules you also receive:

Step-by-step guidance on how to start or grow your spiritual business, get noticed by the media, and make money doing what you love.

- Tools and guidance to deepen your own spiritual practice.

- Inspiration and concrete advice from experts in personal growth and spirituality.

- Learn how to turn your blog into a business, publish books, lead lectures and create digital courses.

- Forge lifelong bonds with fellow Spirit Junkies on the private Facebook group and the live comment feed in the training community.

- Start the process of becoming eligible to join Gabby’s referral network. When you receive your Level 1 certification you can attend the Level 2 course. (Pssst. I'm going this year!!)

- Join 2 live Q&A calls with Gabby.

- Have access to an always-fresh, forever relevant program that you can revisit anytime.

- Experience the energy and enthusiasm from the live training in the comfort of your own home.

- Have the option to learn via video, audio, or typed transcripts — whichever format fits your learning style best.

incredible guest speakers!

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And, when you register for the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital Course before 6pm ET on June 21, you lock in…


  • Spirit Junkie Business Basics digital program. It has the nuts and bolts you need when setting up a business: contracts, negotiating tools, insurance info and much more. (Value: $1,300)

  • God Is My Publicist digital course. Demystify publicity and marketing with this awesome course for spiritual entrepreneurs, coaches, writers, artists, podcasters and anyone who wants to infuse their spiritual beliefs into PR or marketing work in any field. (Value: $200)

  • 2 live training calls with Gabby! The first call will help you clarify your visions and clear the obstacles holding you back. The second will get you into action! (Value: $2,000)

Since completing the Masterclass Digital: 

I have launched my coaching business, Asia Dawn 

I have hosted group coaching programs to help women around the world

I have coached women 1:1

I have been published in Kappa Alpha Theta national magazine

I have been interviewed on multiple podcasts

I have created and launched online digital courses 

I have moved to Mexico City

I started writing my first book

I am hosting my first retreat in Tulum, Mexico this year

I have experienced incredible healing

I have increased my confidence and removed fear-based blocks

I have immersed myself in the spirit junkie community 

I have made new friends from across the globe!

AND...In honor of your commitment to the Spirit Junkie way, I’m offering an additional $1,111 in bonuses when you sign up for the Masterclass with me: 

GROUP COACHING COURSE: Real. Radical. Self Love.  

SELF STUDY COURSE: How To Travel Solo  

TWO ADDITIONAL GROUP COACHING CALLS WITH ME: For additional support as you go through SJMC! 



REAL. RADICAL. SELF LOVE. is a brand new group coaching course launching on July 12!! Join me as I guide you on a radical journey to call in more love. Over 4 weeks, you will fall in love with your mind, body and soul. You will step into your divine feminine energy and learn to love and accept yourself just as you are. As you begin to truly take time out for yourself and turn within, you will start to see real, radical changes in all your life. Whether you're looking to call in a new partner, or just fall deeper in love with yourself, I have the tools to help you cultivate real, radical self love.

MODULE 1: The Foundation
What is self-love? What is self-worth? Why are these important? We'll set the groundwork and learn how these concepts play out in your life through various exercises and meditation.

MODULE 2: Your Stories
How do you talk to yourself? Learn how to be more kind and loving and flip the script. Every thought, every word, every action truly matters when it comes to love. Stop the comparisons. Do away with the judgment. We'll go deep to identify and address your stories, so you can move forward with more love and less fear.

MODULE 3: Your Body
How connected are you to your body? Let's get physical! We will tap into your goddess energy, your divine feminine, and play around with movement. So often we go through our days, completely disconnected from our bodies...not listening to what is going on, what we really need, what we truly desire. Learn how to slow down and reconnect within.

MODULE 4: Integration
Are you ready to tie it all together? Of course you are! We'll bring everything you've learned into one fabulous module and learn how to use these techniques in your daily life. Self love doesn't stop here. It's a journey and a daily practice. Self love is an adventure! 

ADDITIONAL COURSE BONUSES: Guided meditation, breath work, movement class, 30 day self-love worksheet to take these practices with you beyond the course, two group coaching calls, private Facebook community, unlimited access to me via email and Facebook messenger 

HOW IT WORKS: You will receive access to module one on July 12, and then one module every week thereafter for four weeks. You can go through the material at your own pace and have access to the content forever! I will host two group coaching calls as we go through the course, allowing you to ask questions and learn from other women who are going through the material alongside you. All of this is entirely virtual, allowing you to take the course from anywhere in the world! (How cool is that?)  


**HOW TO TRAVEL SOLO ($97 value)**

HOW TO TRAVEL SOLO is a self-study course, held completely online. It will provide you with all the tools you need to head into your solo travels feeling like a complete badass - empowered, confident, and supported. Because you deserve to feel fearless and explore the world on your own terms! Whether you're looking to take your first weekend getaway solo, plan a roadtrip, or quit your job and travel the world, I've got your method.

MODULE 1: Identify your WHY. What is driving you to travel? Start to get clear on what kind of trip you want to take next, while uncovering any fears or limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. I'll take you through mine and give concrete examples of how to let that sh*t go.

MODULE 2: My complete method for female solo travel (planning vs. going with the flow, safety, travel hacks, meeting people on the road, and more). Plus, I'll share some of my favorite spots for solo female travelers!

MODULE 3: How to budget, manifest, and monetize your travels. We'll tie it all together as you continue to design your dream trip!

ADDITIONAL COURSE BONUSES: 3 guided meditations to help you tap into your desires, release blocks, and step into your ultimate travel vision, "Girl's Guide to Packing Light" download - the ultimate packing guide for backpacker or luxury travel, budgeting worksheet with tips on saving, selling, and simplifying



As you go through the Spirit Junkie Masterclass, I will host two 90 minute group coaching calls to answer all questions and help you integrate the material into your own business! Learn what I did to create my dream business. Ask me anything!

*When you enroll with this link from my page, I will automatically be notified so you'll get all of my bonuses! I've got you girl.  

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THIS IS WHAT YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR! IF YOU WANT TO BE A COACH. EVEN IF YOU DON'T. All types of people have gone through this training. Alumni include PR pros who want to bring spiritual principles into the media; therapists who want to add a more spiritual approach to their practice; teachers, bankers, writers and so many more.

This training is for anyone who wants to bring forth more light into the world.
— Gabby Bernstein

If you've been thinking about taking the next step, this is your call to action! Don't let fear hold you back! Gabby offers this opportunity once a year. That Is. It.

Once you sign up, you will have access to a TON of content you can go through and refer back to at your own pace. I remember being afraid to make the leap...but I will never regret it, and I still use the material to this day, one year later.

Signing up for Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital with Gabby last year was one of the best decisions I have made for myself and my new business. I invite you to join me and thousands of others as we share our message with the world!


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Who is Asia Dawn?


Asia Dawn is a Women’s Empowerment Coach, writer, and world traveler. After her divorce, she said goodbye to corporate America and started to travel the world solo, living out of a backpack. Now she continues to travel and work as a digital nomad, using Mexico City as a home base. 


Feeling called to help other women, Asia used her International MBA, Spirit Junkie Masterclass, and various coaching certifications to launch her own women’s empowerment business. She now helps women move through transitions, heal after breakups and divorce, and feel more confident about traveling solo. Asia believes in the power of a spiritual practice and turning within to find real love. 


Full Disclaimer: I’m a proud affiliate of Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital Course. I deeply believe in her and this program and may earn a referral fee if you sign up from my recommendation.

PS. When you sign up, I will automatically by notified so you will receive the Asia Dawn bonuses when you enroll through my link! That's it! Super simple! Feel free to message me with any questions. xo


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