How to take goal-setting to the next level

Instead of setting resolutions for 2018, I’m trying something different.

I decided to approach 2018 by looking back.

I wrote a letter to myself, reflecting on 2018 as though it had already happened. (Thank you Jessica Lively for the inspiration!)

If you’re confused or skeptical, read on.

Instead of solely focusing on the "how" behind the things I would like to achieve, I’m honing in on my mindset and emotions and how they affect my reality. While I am definitely a goal-oriented girl, I don’t want to force anything that doesn’t feel in alignment. I want to make sure I'm putting out positive energy that matches up what I would like to receive. You know, high vibes.

What makes this process different than traditional goal-setting is what goes into it - putting your emotions behind each experience. While doing the exercise, I found that writing the letter actually felt good. I got warm and fuzzy and PUMPED, feeling what it’s like to have already experienced these things.

My coach taught me that you need to have your thoughts (mind) and feelings (body) in alignment in order to achieve a desired result. For example, if you say “I’m going to make $10,000 this month” but have major anxiety and fear surrounding money and don’t really believe what you’re saying, you’re essentially blocking it from happening. This is also taught by Abraham-Hicks in the law of attraction, and in the book “You Are A Badass” by Jen Sincero (and by a ton of other spiritual gurus). Sincero has an exercise in her book where you write down everything you desire as though it has already happened, getting really specific on the details, and really feeling excited about who you’re becoming. Professional athletes visualize too. Why shouldn't you?

This year, I challenge you to change “I’ll believe it when I see it” to “I’ll see it when I believe it.” Your thoughts really do dictate your reality. It’s time to shift your mindset to make sh*t happen.

Imagine you’re in January 2019, reflecting on how great/transformational/insert emotion here 2018 was for you. Write a letter to yourself. What did you feel, see, do, experience, learn over the past year? Who did you meet? What came your way? Start writing and notice what gets you excited. Get as detailed as you can!

Revisit your letter as often as you like to reconnect with all the positive energy you conjured up. You may surprise yourself next year once you see how much you’ve manifested!

Yogi Sunset.jpg

In case you’re curious, here is my letter.     


Dear Self,

2018 was an AMAZING year! It was truly transformational. I am just in awe at how much I grow year after year, and 2018 was no exception. Looking back on it now from New Year’s Day 2019 really shows me how much I have to celebrate and be grateful for.

I started the new year completely inspired and dove headfirst into my coaching business. I committed to work with my life coach for the full year and joined a mastermind with 12 powerhouse women. My business took off and flourished even more than I envisioned! I aligned with my purpose to help empower women across the globe. I committed 100% and loved having the freedom to work for myself, anytime, anywhere.

Travel continued to be a huge part of my life. I traveled every month, moved abroad, and went on four retreats! I even hosted one of my own! I met Gabby Bernstein in person and took her level 2 Spirit Junkie Masterclass on the east coast. She really inspired me to keep on my spiritual path and use my story and gifts to inspire others.

You know how I am obsessed with Mexico? Well, on March 1, I MOVED to Mexico City! (My way, of course.) I treated it as my new home base and lived out of a suitcase, instead of a backpack. I hopped from Airbnb to Airbnb, getting to know various people and places, really building a community and gaining a deeper understanding of the Latin American culture. My Spanish skills were at an all time high. I checked out the bustling neighborhoods of Roma Norte and Condesa, joined a local yoga studio, ate a lot of veggie tacos, and walked and ran nearly everywhere. My friends from the states came to visit me as well! I’m not sure if this was a “move” or “indefinitely traveling”, but it doesn’t matter. I went out there and lived my dream! And I know San Diego is always there for me when I’m ready to return.

I traveled south to Chile and around. I hiked Patagonia and saw beauty unparalleled to anything I had ever seen before. I got my Italian citizenship and EU passport. (Grazie famiglia!) I planned a trip to Italy and found an Italian homestay and language school. I purchased flights to New Zealand and Australia too! I am so grateful to have friends and clients all around the world.

I dove deep into my spiritual practice which was a catalyst for all the positive things that flowed into my life this year. I couldn’t get enough of meditation, breath work, tapping, and kundalini yoga...these practices really lifted me up and kept me in a positive energetic vibration. I journaled nearly every single day and continued to do mindset work, embracing the law of attraction.  

This past year was all about alignment and understanding my purpose. I kept the following questions in mind: “who am I really and why am I here?” I also used several affirmations, one of them being “I expand in abundance, success, and love every day, as I inspire those around me to do the same,” from the Zone of Genius. I boosted my net worth by working on my self-worth. (Yep, they’re connected!) My bank account is the healthiest it’s ever been.

I met a wonderful man during my travels and we rang in the new year together. I decided I was ready to open my heart and be in a romantic relationship. Our values align and we fully support one another. He’s adventurous and loves living abroad, just like me. He even speaks Spanish!

2018 was a year of pushing through my fears and embarking on a serious path of self-discovery. Thank you, Universe. I love this life we are co-creating together. I am so grateful.


Asia Dawn Simonelli